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Philippine death toll due to "Bopha" climbs to 418

Source:来源网络 Date:2012/11/27 View:1633

Death toll in the Philippines due to Typhoon Bopha (local name Pablo) has continued to rise to 418 based on the latest data released Friday by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

NDRRMC Executive Director Benito Ramos said Friday that of the reported deaths, only 73 cadavers were identified, while most of the unidentified victims came from southern Philippine province of Compostela Valley.

There were 383 people who were still missing, he added.

Almost 65,000 families or about 310,000 individuals were still being served inside and outside the evacuation centers.

The total damages incurred due to Bopha already reached to over 4 billion pesos (about 97 million U.S. dollars): around 631 million pesos for infrastructure, 3.4 billion pesos for agriculture, and 5.4 million pesos for private properties.

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