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Susan Huang

Production and quality control

The Quality Management System is carried out specifically by two departments: Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). The highly skilled lab members consist of roughly 15% of the total company employees. They strictly follow the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for each manufacturing step. The cutting edge testing instruments are adopted to check the starting materials, in-process control and finished products.

Our laboratory possess advanced equipments, which include Liquid Chromatography, Uv-vis spectrophotometry, Automatic polarimeter, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, PH Meter, 1/10000 Electronic Balance,Vertical Mode Steam Sterilizers, Mould Incubator, Biochemical Incubator, Conductivity Meter, Microscope, Electric Thermostatic Drying Oven, Program Control Box Type Resistance.

We have 369 SOPs in place to manufacture quality products.Total Quality Management was established in the quality management system in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO22000 international standards.We are now applying for GMP by USP, and hopefully will obtain the GMP certification in compliance with USP later. This Certification is listed in USP website as a GMP-compliance manufacturer of dietary ingredient.


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